4 Signs Your Historic Home Needs a New Roof


It’s not always easy to face up to the fact that your home might need major renovations, but ignoring signs of roof damage will only lead to more serious – and more expensive – problems down the line. Recognizing signs of roof damage early on will make the entire repair or replacement process easier on you and your family. Stay on the lookout for these four signs that you need a new roof.

  1. Your Roof Is Coming Up on its 20th Birthday

A properly installed, high-quality roof will typically last around 20-25 years. If your roof is approaching its 20th birthday, it’s definitely time to call in a trustworthy roofing contractor to take a look at it and give you an honest assessment. You don’t want to push your roof to its limits, as that may lead to additional problems in your home like leaks, mold, and damage to your walls and ceilings. If you’re not sure how old your roof is, your roofing contractor may be able to give you an estimate. Or, if your neighbors are all replacing their roofs and your house was built around the same time, that’s a good sign that it may be time to start thinking about a roof replacement.

  1. Check Out Your Shingles

Step back and take a look at your roof’s shingles. Are they cracked, curled, or buckling? Are there areas with missing shingles or patches that are missing granules? Does your roof look worn down and old? This quick assessment can give you a lot of information. If you want to look more closely, safely climb onto a ladder and check to see if granules from your shingles are collecting in your gutters. This is a sign that your roof is getting too old. Also, if you see moss or dark patches on your roof, this could simply be a sign that it needs a good cleaning. Call your roofing contractor to make sure, but don’t panic – it might just need a good power washing.

  1. Look for Leaks

This is a pretty obvious one. If your roof is leaking, it needs to be repaired or replaced as soon as possible. Check your attic for any signs of water damage and see if your attic insulation is damp or holding any water. Then, look at your walls and ceilings closely to see if you find any water stains. These will usually present as light brown stains or blistering, cracking, or peeling paint. You should also be on the lookout for mold and mildew growth in your home, which could point to water damage from a leaky roof.

  1. Examine the Structure

This is another no-brainer. Walk around the entire perimeter of your home to see if your roofline is crooked, uneven, or sagging. Structural issues likely signal that you need to invest in a full roof replacement.

Contact an Expert Roofing Contractor

Now that you’ve determined that your roof likely does need to be replaced, the next thing you need to do is contact a trustworthy roofing contractor. The experts at Metropolitan Contractors will give you an honest assessment of your roof’s condition and suggest a plan for repairing or replacing your roof. Metropolitan Contractors have been in the business for over 25 years, and they know how to expertly repair all kinds of roof damage and flawlessly install new, high-quality roofs. If you need a roof replacement, don’t put it off any longer – the experts at Metropolitan Contractors are always here to help.