Should You Repair or Replace Your Roof?

After years and years of being exposed to outdoor elements and harsh weather conditions, your home’s roof will likely sustain some damage and require repairs. Severe storms can produce high winds that tear up shingles and heavy rain that leads to water damage. Depending on the severity of the damage and the age of your roof, it might even be time to think about a roof replacement.

Even though it’s recommended to replace your roof entirely after severe damage, you should only pay for roof replacement services if they are absolutely necessary to fix your home’s roof. Sometimes, if your roof is showing signs of damage but is still almost fully functional, a simple roof repair service is all you need.

Whether you need a small roof repair or an entire replacement depends on the situation, the type of roof, and the amount of damage. If you’re not sure whether you need a full replacement or simple repairs, find an expert you trust and get their opinion. The damage might not be as bad as you think!

Roof RepairWhen to Repair Your Roof

In some cases, homeowners only need to patch up a few leaks or replace a few shingles along their roof because the overall structure is still fully functional. Instead of breaking the bank replacing your whole roof, a simple roof repair job is often the more affordable solution. However, it’s important to have a professional roofing contractor assess the damages first before deciding that repairs will do the trick. Some damages will, unfortunately, require a complete replacement — though thankfully not all of them.

Here are a few scenarios where it’s fine to repair a few places along your roof because the damage is minimal:

· Missing or broken shingles due to heavy winds

· Light damage in a specific area

· Your roof’s aesthetics need touch-ups

When your roof has only experienced minimal damage, there’s no need to waste money on a complete replacement. Save money, materials, and time by having a simple repair instead.

When to Replace Your Roof

When the unthinkable happens, and your home’s roof gets damaged beyond repair, you’re going to need a complete roof replacement. While some situations only require a simple fix, there are times when your roof needs to be replaced due to significant damage. Make sure to have a professional roof contractor assess the damage before making the decision to replace. They can also help you decide whether it’s better to build over your existing roof or rip it up and rebuild entirely.

No one wants to replace their roof unexpectedly, but it’s vital that you can recognize signs of severe damage so that your roof doesn’t cause even more damage to the rest of your home as a result. Here are a few situations where a complete roof replacement is probably going to be needed:

· A natural disaster or severe storm caused considerable damage

· Water damage

· Your roof is sagging

· Your roof is near the end of its expected life

If your roof is in dire shape, repairs aren’t going to cut it. The best option to save your home is to replace your roof entirely. As inconvenient as that may sound, you’ll save more money updating the entire roof than periodically making repairs.

Expert Roofing Contractors

When your roof experiences damage of any kind, it is important to contact expert roofing contractors to assess the damage and make the decision to repair or replace your roof. DNA Roofing and Siding offers roof repair, roof replacement, and roof installation services to homeowners and business owners in Delaware, Newark, Wilmington, and the surrounding areas.

Whether you need to replace shingles or treat for water damage, DNA Roofing and Siding can do the job. They will inspect your home, provide a free consultation, and let you know if your roof should be repaired or replaced. Their services will fix your roof no matter the damage and have it safe and secured to last.